Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Cursed by S.J. Harper

This is the first book in The Fallen Siren series. I would suggest reading the novella, Captured first. It comes in a hard copy format. That story introduces the characters and gives the reader a taste of their world. Its a good way to see if you like the series.
     This story moves well, like the novella, and has a few twists you never see coming. It all starts with a missing artist, and from there, as the case evolves, so does Emma and her feelings for her new partner, who she has worked with in the past.
     Each clue, leads them to the unbelievable closing of this case, one that will shake the mortal and supernatural worlds, as well as Emma's.
     A definite good read. A new world I can get lost in, and characters I truly like.

Bound by Flames by Jeanine Frost

     This is the third book in a four book series. Once Burned is the first book in The Night Prince series. These books do need to be read in order.
     In my previous blog entries about this series, I have had a hard time swallowing Leila, as a real character. What I mean as real is could I actually see this person as being in the real world. For two books she felt fake, at times annoying, and not in the way that made her real to me.
     I guess, third time is the charm. I like Leila now, she grew from one dimensional to three. Why did it take so long? I have never had a problem not liking a character, like I have with Leila.
     This book takes place a few months or so since Leila had become a vampire. She and Vlad, have been on the hunt for an enemy from his past, that is out to end Vlad once and for all.
     This book has several twists and turns, and a whopper of an ending, that made this once planned trilogy become four books.
     I really enjoyed this book, more so than the first two but that had to do with Leila.
     This series is connected to The Night Huntress series and world. It can be read alone, but certain characters and plot parts make a bit more sense if you read the Night Huntress Series. If interested, the first book is halfway to the grave.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Arrival

This film is based on a book, A Day In the Life. I haven't read it.

     This is not a high action alien film. It is a first encounter film, more on the lines, of E.T. than Independence Day.
     The story was interesting take on alien first contact. It was pretty good, and since it has aliens, the theater helps to draw in the audience, and makes the aliens, well, more grand.
     It is a film that you have to pay attention to, but if you're looking for something that is more story less action, or crime mystery. This is a good pick.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

I have seen most of the Harry Potter films, but never read any of the books. I liked the films that I saw, and when I saw the trailer for this film, I was interested.
     What I like about this film is you don't have to know much of Harry Potter to watch this film. The film is based on a text book that Harry Potter had to read at Hogwart's.
     I will admit, that there are a few times when knowledge of Harry Potter, adds a bit more to the character's lives and world, but it isn't necessary to get lost in this magical world.
     The casting was great. Especially Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander, who is the author of the book, the title of the film. He makes Newt a lovable, memorable, geekish, wizard that you wouldn't mind hanging out with.
     The characters and story was a beautiful blend of beasts, magic, and a some twists thrown in by the end. I really enjoyed it, and if the four other films, do get made, I will like to see each one.
   The only issue is I liked Colin Farrel's character, and not to spoil anything, there's a twist I'm not so sure of that happens to him. I guess the next film will prove if that change was for the better or not.
     I saw this in IMAX 3-D. It was worth the cost. Pulled you into the story much more than just seeing it on dvd would. This is one of the films that is best seen on the big screen.

Empire of Night by Kelley Armstrong

This is the second book in the Age of Legends Trilogy.

     Like the first book in this series, it doesn't take too long for story to take off. Even when there are "quiet " times in the story, things keep you engrossed in the characters and their adventure and by the end, there are few twists that I never saw coming.
     Not disappointed at all. Leaves one wondering how the story will end.

Monday, October 31, 2016

The Bone Labyrinth by James Rollins

This is part of The Sigma Series and is best read in order. The first book is Sandstorm.

     Again, Rollins does his magic. A wonderfully balanced blend of historical and science fact blended into the fictional world of Sigma. A perfect ride of adventure and action, flowing wonderfully with the characters old and new in this tale.
     The paper back edition has the bonus first chapter of the next book on the series, The Seventh Plague and the bonus short story, The Midnight watch.
     A hard to put down read, tends to garb the reader and not let go.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Magic Shifts by Ilona Andrews

This is a book from the Kate Daniels series which needs to be read in order. The first book is Magic Bites.
     This is one of those pivotal books in a series, where there is a major twist that can and could change everything.
     All Kate wants is a life with her made family, as normal is for them. But when a friend from the pack goes missing, and as usual Kate’s life gets turned upside down when she and Curran step in to find Eduardo.
     As usual, Ilona Andrews does a wonderful job of balancing action, drama, and character growth. Again, one enters Kate’s world, and has a wonderful ride through out. And this installment hooks you and never lets go.
     There is one thing I really found as an intriguing with this book. Every author has their own twists when it comes to supernatural and Para-natural creatures. Some stay closer to the original. Some blend the classic with the new, and others just take a creature and bam, create something completely out there. I won’t spoil it, but I would have never come up with the idea in this book, loved the unexpected twist.