Friday, August 11, 2017

Shadow Silence by Yasmine Galernorn

This is the second book in The Whisper Hollows series. They need to be read in order and the first book is Autumn Thorns.

I got introduced to Galernorn through her Sisters of the Otherworld series, and loved the characters that inhabit her wonderfully fantastic world so when this series debut, I was interested.
     In Shadow Silence, Kerris is delving deeper into her destined role as Spirit Shaman. She's been at it for six months now, and the darkness has begun to inch closer to Whisper Hollow.
     Her life once again gets shaken to the core. Her best friend, Peggin, gets nearly taken by The Lady of the Lake, but being rescued has left her cursed to be bound to the Lady of the Lake.
     To add to her troubles, the Shadow Men are becoming stronger, and causing more trouble. The Crone is weaving her web of destruction for Whisper Hollow, and once again Kerris and her allies, have there hands full, with a town to protect and a friend's curse to break...
     This tale weaves more myth and legend of Whisper Hollow and its world. As before a wonderful balance of story, and character relationships. Definitely can't wait for the next chapter of Whisper Hollows.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Day Shift by Charlaine Harris (audio book)

This is the second book in The Midnight trilogy. The first book is Midnight Crossroad. The television show Midnight, Texas is based on this series is good though it is a much more blended mix of the three books, to some extent, and is a revved-up Midnight. I still could see the author writing that way, and that makes it a good series.
     Midnight’s having a small population boom, one the locals aren’t embracing. The old motel is being brought back to life, and things seem a bit fishy. In Dallas, Olivia’s past gradually gets revealed when Manfred and Olivia cross paths, and Manfred discovers how Olivia makes a living.
     Then things get interesting. Manfred’s client passes away at a reading, and he’s suspect for the crime, and that’s just the beginning.
     In Midnight, the Rev is left with the charge of a young boy who is more than what meets the eye, and so begins another wonderfully weaved tale that gives a bit more hints of the characters and their lives. A few wonderful twists and turns along the way, and in the end, another surprise ending.

      As for the narrator, she was pleasant and did a decent voice job, though no one so far, has compared to Royce Dotrice from Game of Thrones  audio books.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

War Hawk by James Rollins

War Hawk is the second book in the Tucker Wayne series, which is a spinoff from The Sigma Series books. The first book for Tucker Wayne is Kill Switch. Sandstorm is the first Sigma series story.

     One could probably read this book without reading the first one, but I would suggest reading in order. I love that this book has a dog as one of the main characters and not only that, but every so often you get a glimpse of how his canine minds work, which I like.

     This installment gives the reader a glimpse into Tucker’s past. As usual, Lames Rollins doesn’t fail when it comes to weaving a good yarn that balances history, science, and fiction in such a way that it all seems possible.

     As usual a well-designed coaster ride, from start to finish. Beautifully designed characters in a world you never mind revisiting.

     Worth reading.



The previews of this film had me hopeful it would be one of those good historical war films that I might watch again and again. Sad to say, it fell short.
     This film had potential to be so much more engrossing but fell short. The film has the action, no doubt about that, and it can be gripping experience but the film has more of a feel of a re-enacted documentary, just missing some narrator voice filling in the facts.
     The documentary feel is partially due that this film takes place in four fronts. If done right, this isn’t an issue, but one does have to pay close attention to what is going on, because it does jump around backing up a little at times.
     The documentary feel comes from the lack of the audience to really immerse themselves completely into what is going on because it’s hard to connect to any characters and care what is going on. Four fronts of the story don’t help this. Those fronts are officers at Dunkirk, soldiers at Dunkirk, British pilots, and the civilian crew going to rescue soldiers.
     There are a couple of moments that one connects to characters, but it’s hard when your kind of just thrown into the war, not getting a chance to really connect to anyone. Yes, you don’t want characters dying, but you don’t get that white knuckle, hold breath kind of feel for most characters, like you should at certain times.

    Over all, it was a decent film, but worth the time seeing it in a theater, not so sure it’s worth it.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Baby Driver

OK, I admit this was not one of those I was wanting to see films. I saw it because company wanted to see it. But I was pleasantly surprised.
     I love the way the songs fit in to the film. This approach has been used in other films, such as American Graffiti. It adds a layer to the film that makes the story a bit more.
     The film moved well till about the last twenty minutes or so where it seemed to have taken a strange detour and the story just got muddied up. Critics thought so too. But otherwise, I really enjoyed this film, which was a surprise to me.
     Looking for something to go see, I'd say give this a chance. Its a pretty good film, not a waste of time, a pleasant surprise.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

I loved the first film, and yes, I understand that volume 2 is an important installment of this series because it explores the past of the characters, which is important, and understand that.
     But this felt a tad too long to me, the first did not. The story was a bit odd overall, to me, but not bad. Baby Groot was a scene stealer, a highlight of the film. It was good film over all, like I said one of those needed installments but never the best of the film series. Can't wait to see Vol. 3.

Wonder Woman

     This was one of the few films that were comic book based that I wanted to see. Its about time they had a female led hero comic film.
     This is definitely one of the best origin story films I have seen.
A good story that flows with the right bits of romance, fights, comedy, and life moments perfectly balanced. You can tell the cast has good chemistry. It was an interesting tale, never dull and you got lost in the tale.
     Wonder woman kicks butt. Its about time she made it to the big screen. Worth seeing. Wonder Woman done right.