Monday, December 25, 2017


I'm going to be honest, I really had no interest in this seeing this film. I only saw it because company was over and they wanted to see it.
     First off, I was quite surprised with this film. The trailers were very misleading. I thought a comedy of some strange sort, but that wasn't it at all.
     This film actually could have gone several ways, a guy enjoying his fresh start in life, which could have been the comedy story line, but later in the film you start to catch on the true colors of this new "Utopia" when things in the small world still seems to mirror the giant world, not to mention other instances in the film that gets one thinking, I won't go into details, I hate spoilers.
     This movie had one flaw, there's a scene where the size difference is off. The only other thing I have to say about this film is I now see shrinky dinks in a whole new light. Really, not a bad film over all, twist and turns I never expected, but one I could say is probably better to be seen in on a big screen, to get a better feel for being small, or giant. I would say not a bad film to check out, if you want something a bit different.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Found by Harlan Coben

This is the third book in the Mickey Bolitar series. It needs to be read in order. The first one is Shelter.
It’s not just the twists and turns, and the surprises along the way that makes this installment as good as the first in the series. That does help make a good and enjoyable roller coaster of a story, it’s the believability of the characters.
I have read other YA books, and some have been good up to the point of “happily” ever after endings tied up in a neat bow, or a story with such potential but the actions of characters seemed so false and fake.
Coben understands the importance of real characters. Whether those characters live in a space ship, play with dragons, or live in the 1800’s, they must feel like the reader could meet them, talk to them, be in their world and its refreshing for me to see a story end without a tidy red bow making the characters have their happy ending.
From what I understand, this is the last Mickey Bolitar book, though by the time Mickey finally gets the answers about his father, I won’t spoil anything, but there definitely room for at least one more book.
I may hate red bow endings, but I dislike certain questions hanging in the air when a series ends. But besides this, Found is a wonderful final? Ride with Mickey, Ema, and Spoon. Glad I gave this series a try. Worth the time investment to read.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Operation Hailstorm by Brad Arquette

Enter a world eerily like the real world. Perhaps an alternate 21st century we live in now.
      One major event alters the world and forever changes the lives of many. One of these people, Marshall Hale has taken it on himself to take out one terrorist at a time. He has now put himself on the gameboard of spies, lies, and politics.
     Add in a CIA agent, the President of the USA, and the FBI, all focused on stopping the enemy from getting the fire power to take out the USA. But as always when it comes to politics, the waters are murky and muddy…
     I listened to the audiobook version of this story. I was given it for free in return of leaving a review on it.
     I have never read anything by Brad Arquette before, nor had I heard of his other books. So I had no idea what to expect.
     It started a bit slow for me but once it got moving I started to like the story, and the characters becoming much more interesting. Though it reminded me a little of James Rollins and his Sigma series, this story doesn’t have lots of action sequences in it, but it still moves at a steady pace. It has a real feel to it, more of an actual progression of the mission, as I could visualize it in real life. Going down.

      An interesting story worth the time to read or listen too.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Into the Fire by Jeanine Frost

This is the fourth and final book in The Night Prince series. It must be read in order and the first book is Once Burned.
     The hunt is on for a way to free Leila from the curse that bonds her to Mircea. They need to find him first, and that is only one of the obstacles they face. Someone is using Mircea to manipulate Vlad, because now he has his own kryptonite. He will do anything to protect the woman he loves, and the person or persons in the shadows know this.
     This final installment is well woven and even finally answers some key questions about Leila and her powers. Plus, it sets up her next series, that is also set in The Night Huntress World of vampires, with Veritas and Ian.

     I will miss Vlad, and maybe Leila, she did sort of grow on me. A well done, not disappointing ending to this series.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Darkness Raging by Yasmine Galenorn

 This is part of the Otherworld or Sisters of the Moon series, which needs to be read in order. The first book is Witchling.

     This installment is from Menolly's perspective. This is one of those critical turning point tales in a series. The one that begins to set up those big changes for the eventual end game.
     Again a wonderful tale, that twists and turns as it goes on. This time, everyone's world is going to change, some changes bigger than the others, some expected to an extent while others not so much.
     This time the sisters are the target of three demon assassins. If that wasn't enough, Blood Wyne, Queen of all Vampires have plans for Menolly, and if that isn't enough, a major battle must commence  to help the Elves, and then if things weren't hectic enough, Nerissa gets taken to the Subterranean Realms and is being ransomed, for a cost that could never be paid without sacrificing everything the sisters and their allies have fought for.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Magic Binds by Ilona Andrews

This is part of the Kate Daniels series which needs to be read in order. The first book is Magic Bites.
     A lot has changed for Kate since she was a mercenary and now all she wants to do is marry the man she loves, but the future is anything but bright. A seer has foretold that if Kate marries she loses the man she loves, if she takes the fork to the left, she loses the man she loves and the child of that love, and Atlanta falls.
     But Kate has never played by the rules, and she isn’t about to. The future can be pliable to an extent if a big enough change occurs. So, Kate comes up with one huge Gambit, that requires her fiancĂ©’s help, and one chancy move that could backfire in her face.
     And so, Kate begins to change her fate, one step at a time, but will it be enough to get the life she so desires.

     This is one of those pivotal series books. There are several revelations, and some aren’t just about Kate. The story grabs you and takes you on a wild ride. Another worth reading installment, and thankfully, no surprise deaths. I will always miss Aunt B. 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Seventh Plague by James Rollins (audio book )

I actually got introduced to James Rollins thanks to a buy two and get one free paper book sale. However, I wasn't aware the book was third in the Sigma series. But it didn't matter. I fell in love with the Sigma series.
     Its better to read The Sigma Force books in order. The first is Sandstorm.
I have always liked the way Rollins blends, historical facts, science truths, throw in a bit of espionage and adventure, and perfectly blended into a wonder work of fiction.
     Like the last book, there are some interesting animals which I enjoy that addition. They fit in such a way that it just adds a bit more to the tale, in a way that humans just can't.
     This book connects several characters from Sandstorm, therefore bringing the Sigma Force tales full circle, which I really liked.
     Like all books in this series, it starts with a bang and keeps on going. It all starts with  a missing scientist, a virus that is much more than what it seems, and a search for the cure that leads to several astonishing discoveries. And add two assassins to the mix, remnants of the Guild, into the mix and once again, Rollins doesn't disappoint.
     Can't wait for the next installment.