Friday, April 18, 2014

God's Not Dead

I have seen christian based films and this is one the best I have seen, that isn't based on a bible story.
     This film reminds me of Crash in a way, because you have these characters, who aren't all involved and know each other, start crossing paths, as the story progresses. Characters are very real, and some do play themselves, such as The Newsboys, and Willie from Duck Dynasty.
     Tale keeps you interested, and doesn't feel long at all. Well written and over all well done. Worth checking out.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Captain America : The Winter Soldier

I never saw Captain America, wanted to. Sad, to say, I bought it on DVD and still haven't seen it, as of yet. But you don't have the see the first to see the second installment. The film fills in the facts you need to know.
     Watching this movie in 3-D does help pull you into the tale a bit more. From the beginning this story pulls you in and once it gets going it grabs you and takes you on a wild roller coaster ride. A lot of action weaved into an interesting tale, with the right bit of humor mix in. An enjoyable, action packed ride. Worth seeing on the big screen.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bridge of Dreams by Anne Bishop

This is the last of the Ephemera  trilogy. The first book is Sebastian.

     It took me a little while to get into this installment. I think the issue was the time between the last book and this one, taking place a month later. The issue I had was the change in Lee. I won't go into details, because I hate spoilers, but I think if the lapse of time was a few days leading to a month later, and the reader could follow Lee from the time of his sister's return, then I really think I could have re-immersed into the books world faster than what I did.
     Once I got into the story, I really enjoyed it. It definitely the Anne Bishop style I know. This installment was well balanced. Enough character growth, action, and emotion. New and interesting characters grab you and pull you deeper into the story. The only issue: and this is more on a personal interest, if you read the story, besides like I've said before, no spoilers. But I was curious about the question Teaser wanted answered, and it never was.
     Otherwise, an ending that did leave room for more tales, but left the reader satisfied, for the most part. Definitely, enjoyed visiting the wild child and the people who live with him.

Sunday, March 30, 2014


This is my original work. It is copyrighted on this date. Original Poem

 There was a time I thought you loved me, I time I thought you cared. Not because we share blood, but because you chose to. Well, now I am a bit older, not sure how much wiser, but something has shifted. Have we really grown apart? You seem to see what you want to see, not concerned if what you perceive is fact or fiction. Living in your own reality, oblivious to me.  What once was said in love, now seems spoken out of frustration, maybe even disdain. When you once listened and cared, you now berate, belittle, command. The person who listened, and loved, seems forever lost. Tearing down what once was built from genuine love. If love is patient, love is kind… Why am I falling apart bit by bit, piece by piece? Left in a pile of rubble, feeling useless, ugly,  unloved, unwanted, a nuisance, an idiot. A fool and a failure. Invisible. Now when I need you, as you once were, all I get is discord, not understanding. You seem to forget that I AM HUMAN. I feel, I bleed, I hurt, I cry. I feel small, a nobody. I have dreams, and wishes, hopes, and fears. I breathe, I eat, I have wants as well as needs. I AM NOT A ROBOT. Which you seem to think.  I don’t need you to make me feel bad, I can do that all on my own. I miss the way things were, but the past is gone. What you think is out of love, has only made me feel worse. You choose to  ignore and destroy what little bit of hope and faith I have left. Deaf to my pleas, and concerns, it all seems to circle right back to you, so you feel guiltless and secure, a success. All it ever seems is I do things to please you. Whether or not there useful or beneficial for me. I really do think you live in your little world, ignoring reality. Forgetting things change. Things evolve. Now that I need you more than before, you’re not there. I turn around and only see an empty space, that was contained a loving, caring person. Now all it is a space full of air.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews

     This is one book in the Kate Daniels series. This is a series best read in order. The first book is Magic Bites.

     This is one of those books in a series where things take a dramatic turn and things really change for the characters. I won't spoil anything, but this installment has ups and downs and twists and turns, soon after the story starts.
     It all starts with an offer the pack can't refuse. An assignment as body guards of a werewolf carrying twins, by different fathers. A pawn used to lure Kate by someone from her past, and that is just the beginning of an intricate weaved story.
     Worth the time to read it. A wonderful installment to the Kate Daniels series.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Omens by Kelly Armstrong

     I have read Armstrong's other works. So when I heard about Omens, and read what it is about, I got interested. I have read her paranormal Otherworld Series, and her fiction about Nadia Stafford. But to me Omens, seems to have lost balance the balance that her other supernatural books have. This needed to either have more supernatural, or be just plain fiction.
     At points, the book gets really interesting. I did like the segue's into character thoughts after something happened. The characters are interesting. The story has potential and to be honest, I had trouble at times, wanting to get back into the story. I wasn't even sure I wanted to read the next one, till it hinted at being more supernatural, so I probably will give a try.
     I really hope the next one is more like her other works. I won't say I was completely disappointed. It was just I could see subtracting the supernatural, and tweaking a few things, and it could be a good mystery.Or tweak a few things another way, and it would be a better supernatural tale.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

I, Frankenstein

     I thought from what  previews I saw that this film would have been a bit more action packed with it. It wasn't a bad film, it was good, but to me felt like it could have been a bit more. I wonder what was in the graphic novel it was based on.
     I know from previous book adaptations, that sometimes things are cut form the story to make it flow better on screen. But it felt like as soon as the monster meets the girl, the story ended. I wanted more to that encounter, a bit more on the gargoyles, even the demons.
     Like I said, not bad. Probably, better seen on the big screen, and the 3-D isn't a bad plus.