Friday, July 24, 2015


This movie was pretty good. Not up to par like other films from Marvel characters have been, but it was good.
     It was bit slow at the start. I think a bit more editing of certain scenes would have helped. Also a change on how Scott ended up in trouble, instead of telling it, it should have been portrayed. It would have helped the story move more seamlessly, and helped the audience make a closer connection with the main character. But the story was good and ants have been made cute and even almost cuddly again, like in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.
   Overall, it does have likable characters, a balance with a bit of humor, and a mix of good ole emotional stuff.
     Yeah, worth the 3-d theater experience. I doubt it would be quite the same on TV.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Terminator Genisys

First off I have seen all the terminator films. This on I had my doubts. An older terminator, circling back to Kyle Reese and Sarah Conner.
     But I was surprised. The story was good and great action of course, but I did miss some of those terminator/human jokes and interactions that occur between characters. Just wasn't like the other films.
     But this was worth the time to go see in a theater. Still after four films a good ride.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews

This is a new series for Andrews. It's book one in Hidden Legacy Series. I'm a fan of her Kate Daniels series, and the first one in that is Magic Bites.

     Again this is series in a world where magic exists. This series follows Nevada, and the reader is pulled into her world when she is given a case she can't refuse, to bring in a dangerous man before the police find him, a man that could easily burn her to death. No lighter and gas needed.
     To make Nevada's life all the more complicated, is another dangerous man with his own dangerous magic, and even though he abducted her, they become partners, and though Nevada tries to keep things professional, she's pulled toward him, and he's not shy about letting her know his intentions.
     I can't wait for the next book. A well balanced story, characters you like, and a world worth visiting.

Friday, June 5, 2015

A Feast for Crows by George RR Martin (audiobook)

This is the fourth installment in the series A Song of Ice and Fire, which the television series Game of Thrones is based on. The first book is Game of Thrones and these have to be read in order to make sense.
     This installment reminded me more of the first. It is more focused on intrigue and playing the Game of Thrones, over action prone fights and battles. Though it is definitely not a dull read or listen in my case. I really enjoy Martin. He does another excellent job in weaving a tapestry of intrigue. Never lagging to long on one plot line, and when characters do cross paths , it feels natural and unforced.
     A good book and a good narrator. Worth the listen or read and so is the series, Game of Thrones, worth the checking out.


     This wasn't as bad as I thought. Though it was one of those lesson films, to an extent. A bit of Atlas Shrug and apocalyptic type film. It could have been more if the story was told more in the past leading to present instead of recollection, mixed with current times.
     For a film called Tomorrowland, most of the tomorrow was seen in previews. That was disappointing, but the story wasn't bad, but in my opinion not worth paying money to go see in the theater.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Mad Max : Fury Road

If you haven't seen the first three Mad Max films , I suggest watching Mel Gibson as Mad Max. Though one doesn't have to be familiar with the first films, before seeing this one.
     This film was surprisingly enjoyable, not to mention a certain scene actually made me shed a few tears, something I would never have expected from an action film.
     I enjoyed have a strong female presence but I disliked the balance between Furiosa and Mad Max. For the majority of this film, it was like Mad Max was along for the ride. Though for the lack of balance, the film was really good and the 3-D was a nice touch. Still a very Mad Max film. Hoping Wasteland allows Tom Hardy to become more Mad Max, and less sidekick with muscle and brains.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Otherworld Nights by Kelley Armstrong

     This is a short story / novella collection that is better enjoyed if you have read The Otherworld series. The first book is Bitten.

     The collection is worth the read, and I'm excited that other volumes will be released in the future. Follows is a brief summary of the tales.

1. Demonology : Adam's mother finally finds out the truth behind her son's "gift".

2. Twilight : Cassandra has begun to feel her age and must decide to fight for life or fade away.

3. Stalked : Clay and Elena finally get away and have their honeymoon, only to have a mutt show up.

4. Chivalrous : This story focuses on Reese and why he left Australia.

5. Lucifer's Daughter : Hope and Karl go to a Museum Exhibit and end up having a devilish time.

6. Hidden : Clay, Elena. and the twins attempt to have a normal Christmas together, and as always, even in Canada, the mutt trouble comes.

7. From Russia with Love : A person from Elena's past comes calling and trouble follows.

8. Vanishing Act : This tale was never previously released and follows after the novel Thirteen.
         Savannah and Adam are having one those days, and its not all about their current case.