Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Drafter by Kim Harrison

Sorry, this post is much later than I intended.

What price would you be willing to pay if you could create an alternate timeline?
     Kim Harrison, does it again, she creates a world where the impossible becomes reality. In this debut of The Peri Reed Chronicles, there are three type of people in the world. The normal human beings. Then there are the small percentage with amazing power, one can rewrite a timeline, the drafter. But the drafter’s ability comes with a high price, and part of that price is the dependence on The Anchor, who can handle two timelines and with training can keep a Drafter sane.
     The government has found and trained these individuals to be used as agents of a sort. Ones who are unknown to the public and stay in the shadows. One of these agents, Peri Reed, a Drafter has her life turned upside when she is listed as a double agent…
     This book soon grabs hold of the reader and leads them through a twisted maze, and by the time the exit of the maze is found, the reader cannot wait to enter the next maze and see where it goes.
     Definitely, wanting to read book two. I first fell in love with Kim Harrison in her Rachel Morgan or also known as The Hollows series. If interested the first book is Dead Witch Walking.

Friday, February 3, 2017

The Horse : The Epic History of Our Noble Companion

I don’t usually read a lot of non-fiction books, but this one was given as a gift, so I read it.
     I really enjoyed this book. For a non-fiction novel it was very interesting and enlightening look at the history of the horse. The author does a good job, mingling her life and what she learned in a relevant and attention keeping way.
     I can see why this author made the New York bestseller list.

     This book is a great gift for any horse lover, or someone just interested in learning more about the horse.

Flight by Death by Yasmine Galernorn

     This is the first in the Fly by Night Series. There is an e-book prequel that is Flight from Hell, and I always try to read those if I can, before reading the first in a series.  It’s always a good way to see if it’s worth investing time into a new series.
     This is also a spin off series from the Sisters of the Moon series book, though you don’t have to be really familiar with that series to get into this book.
     A person from Alex Radcliffe’s past has asked for his help. An investment in an old house to be refurbished as a bed and breakfast is not going as planned. The house appears to be haunted, so Alex takes on the case, after all, he runs his own supernatural investigations service.
     But as when it comes to the supernatural, one thing can be something completely different.
This story is a perfect blend of lively characters, a good mystery, that beautifully flows, and by the end, leaves one wanting to see what comes next.

Deceptions by Kelley Armstrong

This is the third book in The Cainesville Series. It needs to be read in order. The first book is Omens.
     Olivia has gotten away from her whirlwind mess of a life, if only for a brief moment. But once again she is drawn back to Cainesville, and this installment, more of the truth is revealed, and in the end, there are several big revelations that will forever change Olivia and those around her.

     This tale does a good job balancing out the simple and mundane with the supernatural and manages to move in a way that grabs the reader and leads them on a wonderful ride, leaving one wanting to know what will happen to Olivia and those she cares for.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Cursed by S.J. Harper

This is the first book in The Fallen Siren series. I would suggest reading the novella, Captured first. It comes in a hard copy format. That story introduces the characters and gives the reader a taste of their world. Its a good way to see if you like the series.
     This story moves well, like the novella, and has a few twists you never see coming. It all starts with a missing artist, and from there, as the case evolves, so does Emma and her feelings for her new partner, who she has worked with in the past.
     Each clue, leads them to the unbelievable closing of this case, one that will shake the mortal and supernatural worlds, as well as Emma's.
     A definite good read. A new world I can get lost in, and characters I truly like.

Bound by Flames by Jeanine Frost

     This is the third book in a four book series. Once Burned is the first book in The Night Prince series. These books do need to be read in order.
     In my previous blog entries about this series, I have had a hard time swallowing Leila, as a real character. What I mean as real is could I actually see this person as being in the real world. For two books she felt fake, at times annoying, and not in the way that made her real to me.
     I guess, third time is the charm. I like Leila now, she grew from one dimensional to three. Why did it take so long? I have never had a problem not liking a character, like I have with Leila.
     This book takes place a few months or so since Leila had become a vampire. She and Vlad, have been on the hunt for an enemy from his past, that is out to end Vlad once and for all.
     This book has several twists and turns, and a whopper of an ending, that made this once planned trilogy become four books.
     I really enjoyed this book, more so than the first two but that had to do with Leila.
     This series is connected to The Night Huntress series and world. It can be read alone, but certain characters and plot parts make a bit more sense if you read the Night Huntress Series. If interested, the first book is halfway to the grave.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Arrival

This film is based on a book, A Day In the Life. I haven't read it.

     This is not a high action alien film. It is a first encounter film, more on the lines, of E.T. than Independence Day.
     The story was interesting take on alien first contact. It was pretty good, and since it has aliens, the theater helps to draw in the audience, and makes the aliens, well, more grand.
     It is a film that you have to pay attention to, but if you're looking for something that is more story less action, or crime mystery. This is a good pick.