Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Independence Day: Resurgence

This sequel was not one of those that I thought, yeah, I want to see this. At least my expectations weren't high. Rotten Tomatoes low score wasn't a surprise once I saw it.
     It wasn't awful, it was just missing what made the first Independence Day a great film. The story was minimal because you just get dropped into this new future, twenty years from the first story. There's no connection point with the characters, like in the first one.
     I little time using effective flashbacks, or start soon after the first film ended, and see character relationships form and grow a bit would have helped pull the audience into the story.
     The action was good, but most of the film tries to pull the watcher in, like the first with the human side of things, and fails, because one hardly cares about the characters, new or old.
     It just sadly fell flat. I have seen much better sequels of many films, and sadly, this one is not one of my favorites. It may not have burned as film, but the story should did crash.

Monday, July 4, 2016

The Legend of Tarzan

     I will admit when I first found out they were making another Tarzan film, I wasn't that interested in seeing it.
     The film was better than I thought, though it was much more action over a interwoven  story line with better character interaction and developments of sorts.
     I would have liked the film better if you had the more traditional Tarzan and Jane first meet film, and then maybe had this one later.
     Overall, it wasn't a bad film. I did have doubts at first with the choice to play Tarzan, but after I watched the film, I was proven wrong, plus, he had great on screen chemistry with his Jane. The storyline wasn't bad, and the cation was good.
     Characters were likable, and the past was blended nicely into the story line without feeling forced. Probably better to see it in the theater, given the gorillas and such in the film.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Panther Prowling by Yasmine Galenorn

This is a book in The Sisters of the Otherworld series. It needs to be read in order. The first book is Witchling.
     This story is told from the perspective of Delilah. Again, Galenorn does not disappoint. This installment involves a cursed sword; ghost Vikings, and the sisters cousin Daniel.
     As always the story is a well balanced blend of character drama and everyday life, intricately woven with the right amount of action and chaos. Plus, several major revelations, and character changes that perfectly make another good read in the series.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Abaddon's Gate by James S.A. Corey

     This is the third book in The Expanse series and needs to be read in order. The first book is Leviathan Wakes.
     This third installment doesn't disappoint. The line of dominoes that was pushed by the release of the Protomolecule,  has given the opportunity for someone to put Holden once again in the cross-hairs, setting a secret plan in motion, one that needed what the Protomolecule Gate inn order to pull Holden into the right place, at the right time. But this time the threat isn't just The Protomolecule and the humans who have been playing God, and trying to manipulate things to their favor, it’s not even the player with grim intentions for Holden and his crew, the worst threat was already brought within them to the Gate.
     By the end, again, one is left wondering where the humans of The Expanse will end up next. 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews

     Clean Sweep is the first book in The Inn Keeper Chronicle series. It’s a shorter novel, 227 pages, or about 60000 words. The collector edition contains drawings of some of the characters.
     This wasn't the type of story I was expecting, since Ilona Andrews usually writes a lot about magic, dark urban fantasy to be more exact. At least that’s where I put it.
     But I was surprised to find a world of science fiction and magic blended well together in a world where aliens come to Earth, and go about their business, and leave. Usually, leaving only myths about them, if that, and it’s all because of the Inn Keepers and their Inns, neutral ground for visitors of the unearthly sort.
      Dina, an Innkeeper, decides to take matters in her own hands when a string of gruesome dog attacks affect her neighbors.
     I really liked this story, though the Inn seems to be the Cousin version of Doctor Who’s TARDIS. I sometimes over think things, just a little bit. But the reinvention of vampires and werewolves, was interesting and creative, not to mention the aliens, and places they came from.

     This story is worth checking out, a good balance of interesting characters, and a good story with just enough drama and action to keep a reader enjoying the ride.

Kitty Saves the World by Carrie Vaughn

This is the last book in The Kitty Norville series. The first is Kitty and the Midnight Hour. It has to be read in order.
When I first read the basic summary for this series, I thought, this is just weird, but I gave it a chance. I fell in love with the series, I am sad to see it end, but as Carrie Vaughn says, its good to end on a high note and nothing lasts forever. Though I hope to see stories or maybe character novels, form this world from time to time.
Every book in this series has led up to this ultimate test for Kitty and her friends, the showdown with Dux Bellorum, and the fate of the world. For the most part I enjoyed this final tale. It was a good rollercoaster of a ride. Though on occasion, I knick pick things. 
This is one of those times. Some series or stories balance the angel and demon story lines well. They seem natural additions to that particular world, in Norville’s world, seems a bit off in my opinion. A would have loved a twist from the obvious the Devil was behind it all.
You have a world of magical creatures, have alluded to more being out there, and it just seems she took the easier way out. Though I am happy Kitty, gets her family, I am slightly disappointed with the obvious copout but it was still a good end to the series. 

Friday, April 29, 2016

Captured by S.J. Harper

In one of Jeanne C. Stein’s Anna Strong Vampire Chronicles series, at the end it had a preview for Cursed. So I read it, and was interested enough to mark it as a check out this book in the future.
     Well, it took a while to get to Cursed and I discovered there was a novella that was released after Cursed. A novella is a wonderful way to get a look into a series potential, so I got it first.
     Not disappointed at all. This novella is well written, giving the reader a glimpse into The Fallen Siren Series. This novella tells about the missing child case that first brings Emma, the titular character of the series, meets Zach, a werewolf and F.B.I. agent.
     The story flows nicely, though there isn’t much adventure, or drama one isn’t bored. The reader follows the case as it is revisited by Emma, who is consulting for the F.B.I. A creative way to have the mystery laid out, without becoming confusing to the reader.

     This novella is worth reading, even if you have read Cursed.